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Thinking about attending the in famous brunches in Dubai? Well, don’t make any plans before reading this guide. In this post, we will walk you through everything about the brunching experience in Dubai. From what they look like, what are their venues and timings, what kind of dishes are served, and many more questions will be addressed here. So, keep scrolling till the end!

How Are Brunches in Dubai Different from the Rest of the World?

The very first question that comes to mind is why Dubai’s brunches are so popular. Why is there so much hype around them, after all, it’s just a brunch. Right?? Well, brunches in Dubai aren’t only about a spread of breakfast and lunch dishes under one roof, they are a lot more than that.

Besides the most amazing multi-cultural cuisine, the laid-back timings, outlandish setup, and the amazing nightlife following some of them make them the best thing about weekends in Dubai. That’s absolutely true!

What Are the Venues for Best Brunches in Dubai?

Almost all the popular restaurants, hotels, resorts, and cafes host lavish brunches in Dubai, usually on the weekends and special occasions. You can easily know about them as they keep advertising the same on their website, social media and other platforms. Moreover, another great way to know about the venues of the best brunches is by asking your local friends or colleagues.

What Types of Foods Are Available in Brunches in Dubai?

This is perhaps the most anticipated question of all time and rightly so. And interestingly, there is no exact answer for this. The reason behind this is simple, brunches in Dubai are not limited to a single cuisine. You can find a variety of brunches from all across the globe, from eggs, sushi, pasta, ramen, dumplings, tacos, to anything you can imagine, you’ll have everything here. The best part is, you get to taste a variety of cuisines without getting overwhelmed.

On What Days Do the Brunches in Dubai Organize and What Are the Timings?

This is another great question, glad you asked!

So, as discussed above, most brunches in Dubai are hosted on weekends, which start in Dubai on Thursday night and last till Friday as Saturday and Sunday are working days here.

As far as the timing is concerned, Brunches here are extremely laid back. They begin in the afternoon and last till the night providing various nightlife entertainment opportunities to the guests. Activities like live performances, dancing and singing are very common in Dubai brunches.

We hope you got the answers to all your questions. Now, learn about the upcoming brunches in Dubai and get your reservations done! Browse through the Inner Circle Dubai website to find the ultimate Dubai brunch experience.

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